ADHD and Academic Coaching for Students

As your coach, my focus is to help you create goals that bring success to all aspects of your life.

You may experience:


  • difficulty paying attention and/or focusing in class

  • difficulty organizing written work

  • acting on impulse without thinking through the consequences

  • problems tracking more than one thing at a time

  • misplacing personal belongings

  • difficulty managing emotions

  • lack of motivation to start less desirable activities (e.g., homework, chores, etc)

  • challenges making a plan and sticking with it

As your coach I will:


  • partner with you to help you get clear on what goals serve you best

  • help you understand your learning profile

  • educate and create awareness around executive functioning strengths and weaknesses

  • help you create an action plan toward goal completion

  • partner with you to hold you accountable to the follow through of your action plans

  • be your champion and support

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