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Osteoarthritis is a disease where your joints slowly break down. It is the most common type of arthritis.  With osteoarthritis, the cartilage (the soft tissue between the bones) breaks down. This can lead to bone damage. It can be painful and limit your ability to do regular activities.


Arthritis Society Canada:
    This site offers education on arthritis, along with risk factors, and signs. This comprehensive Canadian resources has the following resource sections:  About Arthritis, Treatment, Support and Education, and Living Well.
Bone and Joint Canada:
    The overall goal of BJC is to develop and eventually implement a National Model of Interprofessional Care for Osteoarthritis that is evidence-informed, patient centred and founded on clinical consensus. Bone and Joint Canada (BJC) has developed partnerships across Canada with health care providers committed to the management of people presenting with musculoskeletal disorders.  They are a knowledge translation network of people who have an interest in the management of conditions affecting bones and joints. 
Home and Community Care Support Services:
This is a resource for people who need support caring for themselves at home.  This site has a link to submit a referral for care based on geographical area as well as expected wait time for services.
Harvard Health Publishing:
This is a page providing information on exercise and overcoming osteoarthritis.  Specific types of exercises are recommended (flexibility, strength, endurance).
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