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Lately, I’ve been thinking about evolution and what it means. According to a standard dictionary definition evolution is “the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form”. Okay, the development from simple to complex explains the word, but it is the etymology of evolution that I think gets to the heart of the matter. Derived from the Latin evolutionem, it means “an opening of what was rolled up”.

This led me to think about my own journey. I started my career in the world of psychology and worked for many years as a psychometrist. While I loved working with the clients who passed my way, there was always something missing – that sense that I was rolled up somehow, not able to move forward or grow. I was stuck.

A series of events and much googling led me to coaching, and it was through my own journey that I was able to move froward - primarily by identifying my values and being able to finally articulate why my previous role did not fit me. This allowed me to take some bold steps – like leaving the only profession I had worked in – and move forward with intention into a roll that better fit my unique self. Slowly, I began to uncurl.

Now, as a Professional Certified Coach working with individuals with ADHD and executive challenges, I get a front row seat, as I watch others move from a place of frustration, sometimes shame, often stuckness, towards one of self-acceptance and growth. More importantly, it is a privilege to witness my client’s acceptance of their neurodiversity as they understand what their unique and complex neurochemistry means to them and how they can both use and support this as they continue to evolve in their lives.

A final thought for all individuals, companies and organizations - by offering and embracing coaching, you foster strengths and support challenges. Don’t be afraid of neurodiversity, because in my experience the most amazing thoughts and ideas come from individuals who think outside the box.

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