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New Group Starting January 11, 2022!

Healthy Foundations:  A Women's ADHD Group
Tuesday January 11-Tuesday March 8, 2022
7:00pm - 8:30pm

 This is a group for women who are ready for change!  In a small group setting connect with other women experiencing ADHD/EF challenges and start moving forward on personal goals by leveraging the foundational pillars of health and well-being. 

What to expect:  In this 8 week program we will meet biweekly, and explore the latest evidenced based research on each pillar as well as create a space for connection and discussion.  Participants will receive PDF's and resources to support learning and awareness.   In addition to bi-weekly groups participants will receive two, hour long 1:1 personalized coaching sessions.

Pre-call:  In this initial 30 minute 1:1 call we will explore participants' expectations and goals for the group.  
Module 1 Introduction:  In this initial introductory group get ready to meet like minded women as we set the stage for increased self-awareness through exploration of values, strengths, and executive functioning.  In this session participants will connect with each other and begin developing a mindset that aligns with their unique self.

First 1:1 coaching session:  In this initial hour long 1:1 coaching session we will review the information from week 1 and get clear on your goals for this 8 week coaching group.  In this session participants will have an opportunity to engage in a coaching conversation and determine first steps towards their respective goals.

Module 2 Hormones and ADHD:  This week we will explore the connection between hormones and ADHD.  We will separate fact from fiction and work towards a deepened awareness of when and how we show up as our best selves each month.  In this session participants can expect some education, open conversation, and support as they start working towards their goals.

Module 3 Exercise:  In week 3 we focus on the neuroscience behind exercise and ADHD, with the aim of understanding how to leverage exercise to support health and well being.  In this session participants can expect not only education around how exercise affects the brain but an understanding of how ADHD can make consistent exercise challenging.   Participants will establish their personal definition of exercise and connect how it can be leveraged to support executive functioning. 

Second 1:1 coaching session: In this session participants will have the opportunity for an hour long 1:1 coaching session to support them moving forward with their goals.   

Module 4 Nutrition:  In this week we focus not only on the importance of nutrition from the perspective of well-being but we also look at the science behind how nutritional choice effects ADHD.   In this session participants can expect to engage in supportive conversations about nutritional choices and how challenges in executive functioning can sabotage their best intentions!  We will look at how we can leverage nutritional choices to foster cognition and goal attainment.

Module 5 Sleep:  In this final week we explore sleep and ADHD.  In this session participants can expect to understand not only why sleep is important but how improvements in sleep hygiene connect with overall cognitive and emotional functioning and ultimately the ability to follow through on goals.  

Post-call: ln this final 30 minute 1:1 call participants will touch base with regard to their goals and create next steps. 

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