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Healthy Foundations:  An ADHD Group

 This is a group for adults age 25 and older who are ready for change!  In a small group setting connect with other's experiencing ADHD/EF challenges and start moving forward by leveraging the foundational pillars of health and well-being. 

What to Expect

Pre-call:  In this initial 20 minute 1:1 call we will explore your expectations and goals for the group.

Program:  This 8 week group program provides education on executive function as well as the foundational pillars of health (sleep, 
nutrition, and exercise) as they pertain to ADHD.   Videos and resources will be released prior to each weekly session.

Weekly group coaching calls will focus on the these pillars and will be aimed at fostering individual awareness as well as supporting strategy development for all group members.  Group sessions will also serve to support awareness around how ADHD manifests in your life, foster recognition of strengths and an understanding of executive functioning, while connecting with others and developing a system of accountability.  


Heading 1

Cost:  $600 
Group sessions run for 2 hours.
Group size will be between 4 and 7 people