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 The Adult ADHD Coaching Group


 This is a group for adults age 25 and older who are looking to connect with others living with ADHD.   This group experience allows participants to build a community, cultivate accountability, and learn from each other.

What to Expect

Pre-call:  In this initial 20 minute 1:1 call we will explore your expectations and goals for the group.

Program:  This 10 week group follows a loose structure.  Participants will be offered a brief pre-group worksheet to support their thinking about how they might like to use their group time by reflecting on the wins and challenges of the previous week.  

There is opportunity for laser coaching during group sessions, in addition to which, resources are offered to provide education and support self awareness.  

This group will serve to support awareness around how ADHD manifests in your life  while, connecting with others and developing a system of accountability.  It is a great opportunity to experience coaching at a cost significantly below that of 1:1 private coaching.

Heading 1

Cost:  $75 per session (+HST for Ontario residents)
Group sessions run weekly for 90 minutes for 10 weeks
Group size will be between 4 and 8 people 


PPhoto by Maria Orlova from Pexels

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